TendedBar is a powerful Branding Source
TendedBar has a front row seat to your customer experience.

This is the time for making that experience memorable, not just another game.
Branding is perfectly-timed when a consumer is experiencing
something revolutionary while enjoying an event they love.

mail marketing team


Naming rights for promotion & display of TendedBar Jax Memorial
Ongoing 5-10 sec full screen Welcome Screen / Screensaver graphic/animation
2-5 sec interstitial ad inside Ordering Screens
Lower rail “offer ad” on Ordering & Thank You Screens
Naming Rights in TV/Radio Promotions
Sponsor-branded Kiosk wrap during length of sponsorship
Logo / Name on RFID / Age-Verification Wristbands
Two (2) monitors with “how to” and sponsor’s name / logo
On-site event opportunities (per schedule approval)
Promotional media rates available for naming sponsor
6-mo minimum, contact for pricing and availability: 


Welcome screen: 1 in 5 rotation
Lower rail, 1 in 10 minimum rotation
Thank you screen, 1 in 5 rotation
Auxiliary Screen Logo and statement rotation: 1 in 5 rotation
Radio mentions: 1 out of 5 co-promotional :15 second ads
Example: This Thursday, come visit TendedBar during the ___ Concert at brought to you by Discount Glass of Jax dot com”
Social Media posts on iHeartRadio’s &’s social media accounts
Wristbands Availability: Category exclusivity and Sponsor’s rate available for wristband logos
2,500 minimum run, at market rate- call for details
3-mo minimum, contact for pricing and availability: 

Auxiliary screen ads at walk-up area

“Need More” Time
and “Welcome Back” screen ads
Thumb Scan Security Sponsor
Rideshare / Arrive Alive Sponsorship Package

Branded RFID Wristbands

Advertise for your brand while
maintaining alcohol sales security
Integrity. Rates based on #’s printed.

Branded RFID Wristbands

POS system
User-specific targeted ads based on
purchase history and social data

Branded Drinkware

Carry the experience back into the arena