Bars & Restaurants

How can TendedBar help your bar or restaurant?

Service Bar

TendedBar has an application that is designed to supplement your service bar and/or eliminate it all together by adding a TendedBar in the back of the house for server use. If your server can ring in a cocktail on your POS then they can start pouring their own cocktails as well at the touch of a button. This will not only speed up the time it takes for your customers to receive a cocktail, but it will also free up valuable bar space and help the bartender focus on their customers.

Self Service Option

Do you have a bar area that is constantly backing up with lines because of the lack of space to have multiple bartenders? Installing TendedBar’s Self Serve application is not only a selling point for your bar but it will help you in your busiest times to eliminate the the wait. TendedBar’s RFID tracking bar tab system is simplistic and incredibly safe for both the consumer and the business owner. It gives you not only realtime data about your bars but also the ability to set limits on consumption and time between drinks for the consumers as well.

VIP and Limited Access Areas

Private rental areas are an excellent setting for TendedBar. They give your consumers all the advantages of a full service bartender without the hassle of dealing with one. If you have several vip lounge areas in one space they can easily have a TendedBar at each table for instant access. TendedBar can be setup to serve drinks individually for a running count or on an open pour for a specific amount of time. TendedBar can make an ordinary lounge area into one of the biggest attractions in your venue.

Saving Dollars.
Making Sense.

  • Faster Service
  • Consistent pours
  • Eliminates Over pours
  • Inventory Control
  • Eliminates Theft
  • Increases Revenues
  • Optimizes Space
  • Decreases Staff

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