Stadiums & Arenas

TendedBar was specifically designed to cater to high volume venues.

When you have an event that is hosting thousands of thirsty people the only thing you can hope to do is keep up with the demand. TendedBar has that part taken care of with the ability to serve its customers in as little as 15 seconds per drink. The potential for helping as many people as possible enjoy the event with a drink in hand can be achieved at the touch of a button.

Patrons will start off by linking their TendedBar wristband with their prefered form of payment (set cash amount or open bar tab.) After this is done once that customer will not have any need to go through the payment line for the rest of the event. They will be able to walk directly up to the bank of touch screens and select and pour cocktails of their choice for the remainder of the event. TendedBar’s system can be directly linked to any POS system already in place at your venue.

TendedBar has options for mobile vending units or they can be installed in permanent locations throughout a venue.

Saving Dollars.
Making Sense.

  • Faster Service
  • Consistent pours
  • Eliminates Over pours
  • Inventory Control
  • Eliminates Theft
  • Increases Revenues
  • Optimizes Space
  • Decreases Staff

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