TendedBar pouring a cocktail in seconds

The Leading Automated Bartender

Component 3 – 1


10+ Standard Liquor Options

Four, 20L+ Storage Capacity per Liquor Type

12+ Standard BIB Options



3+ Beer Options Per Station

Storage Capacity Limited Only by Your Venue Size

Sold by the Glass or Oz.



Keeps Sangria Fresh

Four, 20L+ Storage Capacity per Wine

Safely Store and Pour with Pressurized Nitrogen

Automated for Speed, Designed for Your Space

Increased Per Caps through Automation: Maximize Your Revenue Potential

Delivering the Perfect Pour, Every Time.

At TendedBar, we understand the importance of driving profitability. Our bar automation solutions are engineered to increase per caps and boost your bottom line. With streamlined processes and optimized efficiency, you can reduce waste, minimize staffing shortages, and achieve precise real-time inventory tracking. Experience quicker turnaround times, satisfied customers, and increased revenue with our automation systems.