TendedBar: From Large Volume Venues to Everyday Use Cases

TendedBar has revolutionized the beverage service industry with our automated drink solutions, and our proof of concept in large volume venues has paved the way for even more innovative applications. As highlighted by SportsTechie, the AT&T Center is the latest venue to embrace our technology, offering automated cocktail bars for fans at the upcoming NBA season. This success story is a testament to the efficacy and convenience of TendedBar’s solutions in high-traffic environments.

Proof of Concept in Large Volume Venues

Our journey began with deploying TendedBar at some of the most renowned events and venues in the sports and entertainment industry. These include:

  1. PGA Tour events such as the AT&T Byron Nelson and Farmers Insurance Open.

  2. NFL stadiums like TIAA Bank Field, Allegiant Stadium, and Empower Field at Mile High.

  3. F1 race at Circuit of the Americas.

The successful implementation in these large-scale venues validated our concept and demonstrated the value of automation in improving efficiency, reducing wait times, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Advancing into Everyday Use Cases

Building on this success, TendedBar is now expanding its applications beyond large events into more everyday use cases. Our technology is being adapted for various settings, providing flexible solutions for different needs. These include:

  1. Back of House Options: By automating the drink preparation process, we can streamline operations, reduce labor costs, and maintain consistency and quality. This is particularly beneficial for venues with high volumes of service, ensuring that every drink meets the same high standards.

  2. Walk Up and Pour Options: Our walk-up kiosks allow patrons to place and customize their drink orders directly at the machine. This self-service model not only speeds up the process but also gives customers a unique and interactive experience.

  3. Beer Walls: TendedBar’s beer walls offer a fun and efficient way for patrons to serve themselves. These walls are equipped with various beer options and are designed to handle high volumes efficiently, making them ideal for bars, casinos, and entertainment venues.

Upcoming Launches in Casinos, Sport Centers, and Entertainment Venues

As we continue to innovate, TendedBar is excited to announce upcoming launches in several new locations. Casinos, sports centers, and entertainment venues are next on our list, where we will bring our proven automated solutions to enhance their beverage service operations. These environments will benefit from our technology’s ability to handle high traffic seamlessly, ensuring a superior customer experience.

Case Study: AT&T Center

At the AT&T Center, home of the San Antonio Spurs, TendedBar’s automated cocktail bars are set to transform the fan experience. Fans will scan a QR code, upload a selfie and a photo of their government-issued ID, and have their age and identity verified through our advanced facial recognition and digital age verification systems. Once verified, fans can customize their cocktails using touchscreens, and TendedBar will mix and serve the drinks automatically. This integration through Aramark Sports + Entertainment, the arena’s hospitality partner, exemplifies how our technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing venue operations.


TendedBar’s journey from large volume venues to everyday use cases highlights our commitment to innovation and excellence in automated beverage service. As we expand into new markets and applications, we remain dedicated to enhancing efficiency, reducing wait times, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to set new standards in the industry.

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