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Our mission is to enhance the user experience through automation and technology, providing seamless consumer and business solutions.

We develop and deliver the best solutions for every client's needs

Welcome to TendedBar, where innovation meets impeccable service! As a leading provider in the automated bar and beverage industry, we pride ourselves on delivering an unrivaled experience that goes beyond the ordinary. At TendedBar, we seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with a passion for mixology, creating an atmosphere that elevates your event to new heights. 

Our team is dedicated to crafting signature cocktails and experiences that leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, wedding, or private party, TendedBar is your go-to partner for a memorable and sophisticated beverage service. Join us in redefining the art of bartending, where every pour is an opportunity to make your event truly extraordinary.


2013: Jay Perkins creates the idea for TendedBar while attending Purdue.

2014: The “Honky Tonk” bar is built for TendedBar.

2015: A demo trailer for TendedBar is launched.

2018: TendedBar begins crowdfunding efforts.

2019: Vystar launches RFID bar tab technology.

2020: TendedBar implements facial recognition in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021: TendedBar raises $5 million and attains Series A funding.

2022: TendedBar introduces a one-time check-in process using cell phones.

2023: Brightline launches TendedBar in their VIP lounges.

2024: TendedBar builds a 2-screen mobile version of the bars.

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meet our team



Justin is the ying to Jay’s yang. The two brothers took an idea and a concept and created a company. Justin’s diverse background in sales, hospitality industry experience, and interior design & architecture, have helped to build the TendedBar product and brand into what it is today.



Jay is the brainchild behind the automation that is TendedBar. He has developed the product once known as carlD to what is now pouring drinks all over the country as TendedBar. The Purdue University engineer turned entrepreneur is our mad scientist constantly coming up with new ways to pour the perfect cocktail. 



VP Operations

Mirya sets the tone for all operations inside the office and on the venue floor for TendedBar. She has taken her leadership skills from her past when she successfully grew a single-location veterinary practice into a regional brand before strategically preparing it for sale to a corporate entity and helped to build our ever growing team at TendedBar. 



Has held key roles in renowned sports organizations, including his most recent position as a Senior Data Architect/Engineer at NASCAR, and previously serving as the Director of IT Strategy with the Boston Red Sox, where he assumed various IT leadership roles during his impressive 19-year tenure.


Field Ops Manager

Experienced Food and Beverage Manager with a long tenure in the entertainment industry. Justin brings his knowledge to every venue TendedBar enters. He has mastered the art of the startup and is a key in the success of our venue operations. 


Marketing Manager

Brings a decade of experience from the Hospitality and Convention Center space, utilizing innovative strategies through creative problem solving. Emma channels her skills as a artist to bring a unique and vibrant touch for digital assets both on-screen and off-screen.

Anthony Campese

Site Ops Manager

Anthony brings a diverse skill set from operations to finance. As a manager of all of the Jacksonville operations for TendedBar he is uniquely qualified to help secure the foundation that is then replicated in venues around the country.


Relationship Manager

Riki is experienced in building relationships with a proven track record of success in increasing efficiency, reducing operating costs through upselling and cross-sells, and a strong understanding of effective product placement.


Administrative Assistant

In her role Arjelyn brings quality assurance, a professional customer service attitude, to ensure that day-to-day operational needs are met and goals are reached. Committed to fostering a friendly and professional working environment, she is known for being reliable, easily approachable, and a valuable member of the team.

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