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Discover innovative solutions designed to redefine the way you experience beverage dispensing. At TendedBar, our automated beverage dispensing systems specialize in delivering exceptional service, particularly in high-volume venues and the demands of daily-use settings, including airports, hotels/convention centers, and amusement parks.

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Automated Beverage Dispensing

Revolutionize your drink menu with our cutting-edge patented technology, elevating your beverage service to new heights of excellence.

LEADERS IN Operational Efficiency

Address labor & accessibility challenges seamlessly within bars, restaurants, hotels, entertainment complexes & convention centers.

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Customized & Curated Menu

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Design Your Bar's Look & Feel

With the help or our professional design team your bar is designed and built for you in as little as 45 days for standard 2-Screen Units


Optimized Beverage Service

You provide the patrons and leave the serving to TendedBar.

our Approach

developing unique and innovative solutions tailored for any hospitality environment.

Experience beverage innovation with TendedBar—your partner for unique, cutting-edge solutions. Our dedicated team crafts bespoke automated cocktail, beer, and wine dispensing systems tailored to exceed your business needs. Elevate your brand in the competitive market with TendedBar’s custom-tailored solutions, integrating the latest advancements in beverage dispensing technology. Partner with us for unparalleled results, and step into the future of beverage service where innovation meets excellence in every pour.

Explore the Future of Beverage Service with TendedBar

Every great cocktail starts with a great interaction. TendedBar has proven that interaction is not always person to person. By focusing on ease of use and consistency in every pour TendedBar has mastered the art of pouring the perfect cocktail in every environment.


One TendedBar four screen unit increases an area to 4 points of sale where only 1 was previously allotted-reducing staffing needs by up to 400%.


In a market of ever-changing preferences, we analyze consumer behavior to curate offerings that match desires. Our approach anticipates trends, optimizes inventory, and personalizes experiences, ensuring every sip is a tailored delight. 

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