Tendedbar registration process


Facial Recognition Technology & Stringent Security

  • TendedBar provides automated beverage distribution services. After completing a one-time registration, members can utilize TendedBar’s proprietary facial recognition bar tab technology to open a self-closing tab at any TendedBar. To register, customers will need to agree to Terms and Conditions, take a selfie, upload an approved government issued identification from their phone, and input a valid credit card payment instrument. Registration takes two minutes for a lifetime of access.
  • TendedBar handles our customers’ data and privacy with the utmost care and security. As such, we hold ourselves and our partners  to stringent information security and privacy standards (and certification) to appropriately protect our personal, biometric and credit card information. 

TendedBar’s One Time Registration Is Now Open

  • Scan the QR code with your smartphone
  • Follow the prompts to register to be a TendedBar member. 

Do Not Share or Sell My Personal Info